My philosophy, on the art form of photography, is that no matter which process is preferred, film or digital, the final print has to be what I originally envisioned. The digital era has spawned a greater level of creativity not envisioned twenty years ago.
I prefer black and white images as a final print. My thought process starts in how a particular subject, idea or image will look in the final print form. If by chance a tinted or color image emerges, I will use it if it fulfills my vision of the final print.
My photographic background began in the Graphic Arts Trades in 1960. I completed a six year B/W / Color with a Master Journeyman Camera certification. This was the start of a long and enjoyable development in photography. My foundation of art design and composition that I see through the lens today was built on the years in the graphic arts industry. The change from film to digital was a move forward developing my artistic visions. In the last ten years the further development of software, printers and papers have opened up new areas for B/W and Color printing. Many of my images have been published in magazines, and the originals hang in city and private collections.
Associations & Galleries:
Santa Fe Workshops, The Gallery at Glazers, ( 2 times), Adobe. Past affiliations f:56 Group, Seattle Photographic Society, Eastside Camera Club, EAFA
Publications & Awards:
Black & White Magazine Merit Awards ’14, ’13, ’09. Shots Magazine ’12, Digital Camera World ’06, EAFA ’08, ’09
Teaching: City of Sammamish Parks & Rec ’09, ’10.
Equipment: Sony A7R3 24/105 lens software, NX2, NIK, ADOBIE PHOTOSHOP, Epson printers